Our 46th Year 

*1978 - 2024* 


Custom Calls & Accessories

Presentation Grade Box Turkey Call - Order Book Closed                        


Each box is "one of a kind."  My custom select woods or, if suitable upon my inspection, your wood.  A detailed description of the woods included with each call.

The Missouri "Fencepost"- Order Book Closed                                            


My version of the historic Eminence, Missouri style long box.  It also features a solid butternut sound chamber with a wood burned strutting gobbler.


The "Dugout"™ Gen II - Order Book Closed

Originally built as my personal call to use on a spring Georgia hunt in 1999.  There were only 50 of the original Dugouts™ built between 1999 and 2014.  The Generation II Dugout™ will be built with a slightly modified sound chamber dimension, otherwise, it will remain true to the design of the original. 






Owl Hooters  

Handcrafted since 1978

The Original "EIGHT-HOOTER"®                                                

Select Wood - Custom "EIGHT-HOOTER" ®                              

in Fiddle-back Maple

Custom "Fiddleback Maple" Owl Hooter and other select hardwoods occasionally available.
Boxcall Railroad Chalk - made with a special synthetic non-grease binder, we recommend using this chalk for all your boxcalls.   4 inch stick (white)